Rank Requirements
Ryukyu Kobudo Tesshinkan
The kihon and kata listed below are in keeping with the requirements and standards as set out by Sensei Hidemi Tamayose, 9th Dan, President of the RyuKyu Kobudo Tesshinkan, these requirements are subject to change at anytime. All persons testing for any of the following ranks must be a Tesshinkan member in good standing.
Kobudo is for a lifetime, it is not a race, and your
personal progress should never be treated as such.
All students should familiarize themselves with the various requirements for each rank prior to turning in their grading application. If you are unfamiliar with any of the requirements for your desired rank you should not attempt to grade, but instead continue to train until you feel comfortable with all of the techniques that are required. If he doubt speak with Sensei.
IK KYU / NI KYU / SAN KYU   (1year)
Basics - Bo no Kihon
Tekko Kata - Maezato no Tekko
Bo Kata - Shushi no Kun (Sho)
Nunchaku Kata - Maezato no Nunchaku
SHO DAN  (1 year)
Bo Kata - Sakugawa no Kun (Sho)
Sai Kata - Chikin Shitahaku no Sai
Nunchaku Kata - Akamine no Nunchaku
15 yrs. of age
NI DAN  (2 year)
Bo Kata - Shushi no Kun (Dai)
Sai Kata - Chatan Yara no Sai
Kumite - Bo tai Sai Yakusoku Kumite
18 yrs.of age
SAN DAN (2 years)
Bo Kata - Sakugawa no Kun (Dai)
Sai Kata - Hama Higa no Sai
Tunfa Kata - Hama Higa no Tunfa
22 yrs. of age
YON DAN  (5 years)
Bo Kata - Shirotaro no Kun
Sai Kata - Tawata no Sai
Tinbe Rochin - Kanegawa no Tinbe/Rochin
25 yrs. of age
GO DAN (5 years)
Bo Kata - Yonegawa (Yuniga) no Kun
Sai Kata - Kojo (Kugusuku) no Sai
Kama Kata - Kanegawa Ni Cho no Kama
30 yrs. of age
Bo Kata - Choun no Kun
Eku Kata - Tsuken Sunakaki no Eku
15 years practice and 32 yrs. of age
Bo Kata - Urasoe (Urashi) no Kun
22 years practice 42 yrs. of age
Bo Kata - Chinen Shikiyanaka no Kun
35 years prctice and 50 yrs. of age
35 years practice and Min. 55 yrs. of age
40 years practice and 60yrs. of age
So much to learn, so little time.
Part the clouds - see the way.
"The objective of kobudo is to contribute to the evolution
of the human spirit through physical and mental training."
Sensei Peter Lindsay